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Jamaal W.M. Fridge


I'm a 28-year-old English teacher in China. I'm from the Southside of Chicago, and received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. I've always had a passion for Christian Education, and I use every avenue I can to share the Gospel with people around me, so that they could live fruitful lives.

During my time in China, I have observed that society is not religious at all, and does not know much about God. As for the Christians here, many are dedicated, but often lack resources that could help them understand God better. So I began writing a book to introduce people to Jesus. As I was writing, I realized that the more religious United States would also benefit from this book.

I wrote this book as a resource for my Chinese friends and loved ones, and as a refresher for America. I wanted to give the average reader everything they needed to know to make an informed decision about whether they would accept or reject Jesus Christ. And if they accepted him, I wanted them to also have a solid knowledge base to build on.

My Vision


When I say I'm going to help you connect the dots, I want you to know that the heart of God is accessible to everyone. God cares about your relationship with Him. He WANTS you to understand Him. He WANTS you to have the mind of Christ.

How do I know that I get Him? Because the events of my life point me to His Word, where I see that the experience I just dealt with is exactly what God's Word talked about. On top of that, I have watched various groups misapply God's Word in destructive ways. And I don't just mean throughout history, I mean in Chicago last week. I mean in Academia in predominantly white settings. I mean in historic, all-black congregations. And even in local churches in China.

I want to bring a fresh perspective to your imagination of God. My being young may remind you of the freshness of the life in Jesus Christ, and the zeal we should have. My perspective as a black man may also show you a vantage point of the Bible that you never even thought of. I have nothing but respect for my older white counterparts, whose voices are well-represented in the book industry. But they can't see God from the same angle that I can see Him. If we all bring our voices to the table, and we listen to each other, we can get a fuller picture of the enormous God we serve.

 To demonstrate what I can provide you, I want to teach you something I guarantee you didn't know, because it's a lesson from a common Bible story that is frequently misunderstood in the American Church. Click here to gain immediate access to a short lesson directly from The Novel Gospel.