Isn't that what we all want?

I created The Novel Gospel for one reason and one reason only: To give people clarity about God. I'm not giving you the ebook for free or selling you the audio version just so you can have a Bible study tool. If you would've told me ten years ago that I would create a Bible study tool, I would have felt shortchanged. I would've said, "Is this all that I can do with my life? I wanted to make games for God, movies for God, TV shows for God. And all I can do is a lousy BOOK? That's been done millions of times!"

No. I don't care about Bible study tools. And I certainly didn't create this book so that you could have some useless Bible trivia. What good is light if it doesn't shine? No, I care about societal change. I care about the Church. I care about God's Kingdom. I care about making the Reign of God visible on earth so all can see. And I created The Novel Gospel as one of soon-to-be many ways to give people clarity about who God is, what He's like, and what He requires from us.

It's time to destroy Biblical Illiteracy

Here's what The Novel Gospel will do for you:

1. It will change the way you approach life. I trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to give light to people through His truth. The book itself has no power; but the work of the Holy Spirit will make the words come to life. It will give you a perspective that alters the way you think and how you see the world around you.

2. It will clarify the nature of God. You remember that test I gave that came back with an average score of 37%? That signified that people were telling me what they heard. In many ways, we've heard things about God that may or may not be true. It's time to get it right. It's time to set the record straight.

3. It will reshape the way you read the Bible. If you grope around in the dark, you're bound to bump into or touch some things that confuse you. But when the lights turn on, you look around and immediately understand what you were touching and bumping against. In the same way, many people struggle to understand the Bible. I've got you covered. After you take in The Novel Gospel, you'll be able to go back to the Bible with greater confidence and understanding. And then your knowledge of God will REALLY take off.

Why am I the go-to guy for this?

1. I have a strong quality and quantity of experience. I've worked in all facets of Christian work during my short life. I've taught in the pulpit and on the streets of Chicago. I've worked quietly and boldly. I've ministered to white people and black people in America. I've overcome challenges in America and China. And during all of this, I've studied and learned from many varied sources. This book is no simple rant from an overzealous young Christian. It's an itch-scratcher for the curious, a dot-connector for the puzzled, a fresh perspective for the well-versed.

2. I don't assume you will ever read another book about God. Therefore I pack in everything you need to know to understand who God is and what He wants from us. This book is unique among Christian books for this very reason. It's your one-stop-shop for learning about Jesus. If you read only this book and nothing else, you will walk away knowing that you have the basics of God down-pat.

3. I tackle Biblical Illiteracy like it's my job. Because it is. I was created to destroy ignorance of the heart of God. So I don't just drive to get this book into the hands of the purchaser, but the purchaser's friends and family also. When I see the effects of Biblical Illiteracy ravaging the country, and people not knowing what God would really do to improve the situation, it moves me to act. In every way that I can think of, I want to tackle this problem and all the problems that stem from Biblical Illiteracy.


So if you want to partner with me in conquering this key problem, read below. You'll find information about the different versions of The Novel Gospel. There's a special bonus for those who get both versions. And as you listen to and read the book, I want you to help other people connect the dots. Don't hide your light. Let it shine.


Like the E-Book Version, The Novel Gospel - Audio Version is chock-full of information about the life of Jesus. It will help you understand God so that you can live a life with certainty that you are fully connected with Him, and so that you can live the life He intended for you.

But the Audio Version goes further than that. I don't just want to dryly narrate the same ebook that you could read for free. I want to bring life to the book in a way that is unique to the spoken word. The ebook is thorough, but the audio book is more lively. Not only that, but the audio book is not a strict reading of the text. Instead, I talk to you as I would to any of my friends. This way you can take in the information while you drive, do household chores, or enjoy a meal.

But we have to go even further. When you buy the Audio Version, I don't just give you one copy. No, this book is meant to be shared. So I give you at least 3, which you can share with friends, relatives, loved ones, etc. There is no single-purchase option. When you purchase the Audio Version, I will send you at least three codes to download the audio book. Pass them around with those you care about.

5 Aha's Money-Back Guarantee

 My personal guarantee: You will learn no less than 5 things, or I will refund your money.

The Novel Gospel is a thorough ebook that will teach you the life and message of Jesus Christ, so that you'll have greater clarity about who he is, what he's like, and what he expects from us. Every detail is in the book. And if you order the book through this website, you will receive the 100% discount code for Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or whatever online store you prefer. So the book is absolutely FREE. No. Matter. What. All you have to do is give me your email address. I will never waste your time with useless spam, or constant pitching. Rather, I will continue to enrich your faith journey with insights that I have pooled from the Bible, life, and culture. All of that PLUS the free ebook that will by itself revolutionize your life.

When you sign up to receive the free ebook, and purchase at least 6 copies of the audio book, I will do you another favor. I'm going to add a PowerPoint of the entire book, The Novel Gospel - Takeaway Version absolutely free, so that you can have a visual aid to follow along. Every important thing you need to know will be highlighted in each chapter. You can take this and share parts of it with other people if you want to pass on the life-changing information. Some people learn by doing, some learn by hearing, some learn by seeing. This is just another way I'm going to help you connect the dots so that you can have peace of mind about your standing with God.

5 Aha's Money-Back Guarantee

 My personal guarantee: You will learn no less than 5 things, or I will refund your money.

Let's Do It

Do It for Yourself - You deserve to know, and are in fact REQUIRED to know the true nature of God. Get the book.

Do It for Others - Let's face it, some of your loved ones aren't going to read a Gospel book. But maybe they'll listen. Get it for your loved ones.

Do It for God - When you purchase The Novel Gospel - Audio Version, you help me advance the Gospel around the world. And you advance it within your circle of friends and family.


Objection: "But Jamaal, the prices are high..."

I agree, the price is more than a typical audio book would cost. It's a good thing you aren't just paying for one person; you're paying for several people. And I'm certain you know at least several people who would benefit from this book. So go ahead and get it for them. They may not move on their own behalf, but they would do it for you. And if we're as good a friend or family member as we'd like to think, there's no chance we would leave them destitute and in the dark about God. So do it for them.

There was a man who was working in a field. By chance, he dug up some hidden treasure. Overjoyed, he hid it again, went and sold everything he had, and bought the field so that he could conveniently take out the treasure. (This is Matthew 13:44.) That is what the Kingdom of God is like. It is valuable, and worth the sacrifice to acquire it.

Likewise, The Novel Gospel is a valuable study tool, a valuable evangelism tool, a valuable piece-it-all-together tool. Listen, I know what it is like to be on a tight budget. But I also know what it's like to be disappointed with a product that I cheaped out on, when I should've just spent the extra money and gotten what I really wanted and needed. This book will scratch your itch. And if this book gives you the clarity you need, and the amazing peace of mind, you won't regret the price for a minute. Do it.


Objection: "Okay, I'll get it... one of these days."

I understand. Purchases require time to think. I've even said this a few times.

So how much time is enough to make a decision? Two days? Two weeks? Two months? In reality, no matter how much time we spend thinking, the problem remains the same. In fact, the more we notice the problem, the more annoying it becomes. An itch that goes unscratched becomes worse.

You have my guarantee that you will be thoroughly enriched by this audio book. That's a money-back guarantee! So there is no harm in doing it now, getting that itch scratched, and learning about God like you never have before. And if for some reason my book fails to accomplish that, you can get your money back. So why linger? Do it for yourself.

Now, if I can turn to a more somber note...


This is a picture of my house. As you can see, I live right next to the alley. Now, one day, I was at home while my mom was away. She told me that there were some weeds growing along the side of the house in the alley, and she wanted me to pull them up. But all during that day, I was waiting for the new episode of Legend of Korra to come on. So I didn't pull up the weeds until after the show finished.


When I went outside, I saw some shady looking guys standing around a few houses down, but they didn't seem to pay me any attention. So I pulled up the weeds and went to the back to throw them away. As I was walking back to the front to go back inside, I saw the shady guys walking down the other alley, as if they were looking for someone. And that someone appeared with a gun. When he raised his arm to fire, the guys turned around and started running. The shooter began shooting at their direction (and mine)!

I immediately ran back down the alley, jumped over the fence, into my yard, and scurried for cover. I had my keys on me, but I was too afraid to stick my head out and go inside, because I wasn't sure the shooting was over. And I don't know if the shooter would've mistaken me for the other guys. As my chest pounded, I never thought about Legend of Korra, that's for sure. I didn't emerge from my hiding place until the police arrived, 20 minutes later.

If I was killed, I would've been just another number. "One man killed on the Southside of Chicago." My alma mater would have put out a notice about my death, and people would've said nice things about me, and I would have been eventually forgotten. My college education wouldn't have mattered, nor would the little bit of money I had. And the Legend of Korra DVDs wouldn't have been sent to me in Heaven.

I say this to say, "Time and chance happen to all." We never know when life will be taken from us, or in what manner. I've lost a former classmate in his sleep. I've lost another to an aneurysm, when she was talking to her friends at a party and suddenly dropped dead. I've lost another schoolmate to gun violence. I looked at their Facebook posts prior to their deaths and thought, "They were completely unaware that their end was near..."

Time is not on our side. We are appointed only one life, and after that, we will be judged. The time and way we die is only known by God. But what happens afterward doesn't have to be a tossup. We can know God for sure and be reconciled to Him, and so can our loved ones.

So you say you want to wait to buy the book? You're free to do whatever you want. But if you don't know for SURE that you are going to Heaven, you need this book. If your relatives don't know God, or don't live up to their profession of faith, they need you to get this book for them. If your loved ones are just starting out, and you want them to grow quickly in their faith, they need you to get this book for them. And if you or your loved ones don't even know if God is real or not, you all need this book. Get it while you can.


Share the Love

Don't just buy for yourself. Pay it forward to help others.

Get The Novel Gospel - Paperback Version and dive into the world Jesus lived in. Physical books have the unique advantage of letting readers follow the life of Jesus as he slowly pulls off the veil of his identity. Some people prefer a book they can hold in their hand, so I'm happy to oblige. (Size: 7"x10")


Get The Novel Gospel - Audio Version for yourself and 2 other people. When you get this version, you can have the family listen in the car, or listen while you do your work, or go jogging, or take your shower. Not everyone has the time to devote to reading. So let me read it for you.


The Novel Gospel isn't just an ebook, it's also an audio book. And as such, some people like to have the readable version in their hands rather than just listen all the time. So I oblige. With The Novel Gospel Bundle, you receive 3 copies of the audio book, as well as a copy of the ebook, for your reading pleasure.


Get The Novel Gospel - Audio Version for yourself and 5 other people. When you get this version, you can partake in Bible Study lessons together. As promised, when you purchase this quantity, I will also include The Novel Gospel - Takeaway Version, the PowerPoint of the entire book, free of charge. This way, your Bible Studies can have visual aids as you go through the lessons.


Get The Novel Gospel - Audio Version for yourself and 19 other people. When you get this version, you can impact the lives of an entire church! And as promised, when you purchase this quantity, I will also include The Novel Gospel - Takeaway Version, the PowerPoint of the entire book, free of charge. This way, your church congregation can have visual aids as you go through the lessons together. If you want to wake up the church, this is the version for you.

For the evangelists in the crowd, you can share the Gospel with others, even if you're a shy person (like me). Passing out general Gospel tracts can be a drag, riddled with rejection, but these tracts are easy to pass out. I had fun sharing these, and people loved receiving them. Some even asked for more to share with their friends.

Let my friends at Tract Planet empower your evangelism. (If there is enough demand, I can buy them in bulk and reduce the price and quantity for you.) Price: $0.20 each (minimum: 500)

The Novel Gospel - Takeaway Version is the PowerPoint of the entire book. It's a helpful visual aid as you read the ebook or listen to the audio book. This version boils down all the important takeaway points from each chapter, so that the details don't get in the way of what the story is supposed to show you.


Get The Novel Gospel - E-Book Version absolutely free. If you subscribed to the website by giving me your email address, you don't have to worry. You received the same file.